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Last Updated : Friday 1st September 2023

Grey, glummy weather here today on the Roker Riveria.

While many companies appear in a search for 'Website Designers in Sunderland', we proudly operate directly from Sunderland. This means you have the convenience of a local team right at your doorstep. We're nestled in St Peters Gate, having called it home since 2007.

We are the longest serving tennant in St Peters Gate being located here since 2007.

Exciting new football related project driven by artificial intelligence safc.ai for fans of Sunderland AFC.

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Why choose us?

A benefit of dealing with NRG Digital is that we have offices and meeting rooms within St Peters Gate where you can come to meet us and discuss your requirements face-to-face. Yes we can all use Zoom, but with lockdown easing we are finding a lot of clients want to get out and get back in the swing of human contact.

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Website Design in Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle.Website-Designers-Sunderland-Websites-image

Local Presence: No need for virtual meetings when you can drop by our office in St Peters Gate. We do embrace modern technology like Zoom, but there's something about a face-to-face discussion, especially as we ease out of lockdown restrictions.

Clear Communication: Tech jargon isn't our go-to. Instead, we explain our services in a straightforward manner, allowing you to make informed decisions without scratching your head.

Vast Experience: With over 28 years of entrepreneurship, we've felt the highs and lows of business first-hand. Our expertise goes beyond just crafting websites. We genuinely understand the nuances of growing businesses online. Need advice or a fresh perspective on your site? Swing by for a no-obligation chat. We're in this journey together.

Our most recent projects...

Our most recent projects

Intro for small businesses

  • Domain Guidance: Let's find a domain that stands out.
  • Website Makeover: Elevate your online presence.
  • Professional Email Setup: Powered by Google Workspace, we ensure your emails represent your brand professionally.

Why We Shine:

Real Conversations: Digital solutions backed by personal interactions.

How We Can Assist You : 

Simplicity in Talks: Keeping tech talk minimal, focusing on your needs.

Track Record of Excellence

From our inception in 1995, our journey spans crafting distinct websites, logos, print campaigns, and evolving with the digital marketing world.

Benefit 1 :  Genuine Connections in a Digital World:

In today's online-centric landscape, authentic face-to-face interactions are unique. At NRG Digital, we cherish real conversations. We believe the most impactful collaborations stem from face-to-face dialogues. Step into our office during business hours, share your aspirations with us, and watch them transform into digital realities.

Benefit 2 : Clarity is Our Language:

While technology's intricacies can be entangling, our discussions with you remain refreshingly simple. At NRG Digital, we have a policy: no tech-speak. We converse in straightforward terms, keeping you informed and ensuring that you always feel empowered in every step of our journey together.

Benefit 3 : Decades of Distinction:

Since our genesis in 1995, we've been a beacon of quality and innovation in the digital arena. Across 28 enriching years, we've partnered with over a thousand businesses, sculpted unique websites, envisioned iconic logos, and championed dynamic print and digital campaigns. Each logo we've crafted and every email we've sent reinforces our enduring dedication to excellence.