About Us

NRG Digital: Our Journey and Commitment

Established in 1995, NRG Digital transitioned from a graphic design firm into the digital space by 2001. For over 25 years, we've proudly established our footprint in Sunderland and North East England, showcasing a vast portfolio of websites, unique logos, and impactful marketing campaigns, serving over 1000 esteemed businesses.

What Makes NRG Stand Out?

Beyond website creation, NRG Digital prioritizes enduring partnerships. While the digital landscape offers numerous hosting solutions, our unique blend of a personal touch, in-depth understanding, and immediate support distinguishes us. As true website developers, we've tailored packages over decades to seamlessly accommodate your evolving needs. From adding association logos to showcasing latest projects, our proactive approach ensures you're always updated.

Experience the NRG Approach

Venture into our St Peters Gate office, our base since 2007, for a free one-hour, no-obligation demo. What sets us apart are three distinct pillars: a personal approach, unwavering transparency, and a decades-long track record. Visit us and discover the advantage of engaging directly with a dedicated team. We're not merely a digital entity but a beacon of resilience and commitment to our clientele.