Initial Website Build Price

Price on your initial build of your new website. The starting price is £500.00 plus vat.

This is for a basic 8 page website.

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How much would it cost to revamp of my existing website?

To revamp your current site you would need to let us know the domain name for this and any plans you have to either change or add to this.

Moving forward what are the ongoing costs for my website?

The ongoing costs for your website? So once your initial build you then pay each month to host and develop your website on an ongoing basis.

What you pay each month is dependent on how many pages your site has, how often you want it updated which ties in with how high up Google you want it to appear.

Or put another way if you only have a small 4 page site and you are not bothered about leads coming in then go for bottom Bronze package.

If you want to regularly have us update your website with your recent work and want to be on the 1st page of Google for what you do in your local area go for our Platinum package.

We have monthly packages to suit all budgets.

Starting with Bronze at £10.00 plus vat per month

Silver £25.00 plus vat per month

Gold £50.00 plus vat per month

Platinum £100.00 plus vat per month

Enterprise £250.00 to P.O.A. plus vat per month