Initial Website Build Price

Initial Website Construction

  1. Website Enhancements and New Builds: Thinking about giving your digital presence a facelift? Whether it's a new build or a revamp of your existing site, we've got you covered. Share your domain with us, along with your envisioned modifications or additions. Our basic package, which comprises 8 pages, is priced at a competitive £500.00 plus VAT, assuming you provide the content. Any additional features or specifics are clearly laid out to ensure you have a clear idea of the costs involved. We're open to discussing these charges face-to-face or through email before we dive into the project.

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2. Grasping the Continuous Costs:

Once your site is up and running, it's essential to maintain it with consistent hosting and updates. The monthly fees are determined by your site's magnitude, update regularity, and your SEO aspirations. For a simple 4-page website that doesn't require heavy lead generation, our Basic package suffices. But if you're aiming to consistently rank high on Google searches in your area with frequent content changes, our Premium package should be your pick.

3. Customised Monthly Plans:

At Sunderland Websites, we’re proud to offer an array of monthly plans, each tailored to meet diverse needs and financial capacities:

For a comprehensive breakdown of each package's offerings, click here. (Link to the respective packages page)